Company Profile

To Lee Handler and Michal Banduric, building a home is never an effortless process. With over 20 years of combined experience in the construction business, they have realized that while good homes can be built relatively quickly, developing a true Outstanding Home takes rigorous work and a careful attention to detail.

But having hands-on experience in countless construction projects over the years has allowed Lee and Michal to discover a formula that truly works for them. Combining Lee’s years of expertise in interior design and Michal’s expertise in exterior design, Outstanding Home works to thoroughly combine European craftsmanship with first-rate homeowner support in order to create an exceptional homebuilding experience. It is Lee and Michal’s fundamental goal to ensure that every Outstanding Home project, from inception to completion, is as seamless and as close to the homeowner’s original vision as possible.

So whether that means being as hands-on as taking homeowners to plumbing supply stores, or marble and granite yards in order to pick out the perfect materials, or by simply being available on-site every day, Michal and Lee make sure that no decisions – big or small – are left solely up to the homeowner. Outstanding Home wants its homeowners to be exceptionally pleased every step along the way because when it comes to fulfilling even a single project there is no room for error.

Outstanding Home works harder for their homeowners because they can’t afford not to.